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White Balsamic:

Imported from Modena, Italy, our white balsamic vinegar is comprised of grape must from several varietals and attentively aged in steel casks for no less than 12 years. Gluten-free, with no added sugar, thickening agents or artificial flavours, our white balsamic is as crisp and pure as it was meant to be.

Its clear colour, honey-like texture and saccharine tartness make it beyond compare over fruit desserts, compotes and coulis. Drip a drop in a drink like a sparkling water or wine. Use as a marinade, glaze or finishing  drizzle to poultry or seafood dishes or drizzle generously over fruit and vegetable salads.




Dark Balsamic:

Our rich and delicious dark balsamic vinegars are imported to us from Modena, Italy. All our cask aged balsamic vinegars are made form acetified grape must of seven varietals matured using the Solera method of blending, transferring the vinegar between a succession of quality barrels, giving its syrup-like consistency, velvety texture and elegant depth of flavor.

Use our dark balsamic vinegar for salads, breads and cheeses. Finish your meat dishes with a lavish drizzle to turn your meal into a memorable showpiece or add a gorgeous touch of poignancy to chocolate and fruit desserts.








Extra Virgin Olive Oil:

Our flavored ultra-premium, extra virgin olive oils are grown, pressed and imported to us flavored with the essential oils of the corresponding fruit, vegetable or herb. Our collection of unique flavors can be matched to satisfy even the pickiest palates. A flavored extra virgin olive oil is the perfect way to combine outstanding flavor with scores of nutritional benefits to supplement a healthier lifestyle.

These extra virgin olive oils are highly prized not only for their beautiful flavor, but also for their wealth of health benefits. Every bottle is packed full of polyphenols, oleocanthal, antioxidants and an abundance of vitamins. Olive oils have shown to be effective in fighting cancer cells, lowering blood pressure, and has proven to be an effective approach for governing diabetes.


Cultivar EVOO:

Our 100% organic, ultra-premium, extra virgin olive oil collection is made of several select cultivars. These cultivars originate from all over the world and are gathered in South Africa. There, they are grown, fastidiously harvested and flawlessly cold pressed.

Our olive oils are a mainstay for the chef at heart. Each cultivar boasts a unique flavor profile that can be used for everything from grilling, drizzling, marinating, sautéing, finishing, etc. and pair wonderfully with any of our aged, true balsamic vinegars.



Other Products:

Skin care and Accessories:

Extra virgin olive oils have long been highly sought after for not only their great flavor, but for their cosmetic applications. Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, vitamin E and polyphenols which help to prevent skin damage and to regenerate skin cells, effectively giving you smoother, firmer and superb looking skin. “I Love My Skin” hand & body lotion absorbs effortlessly into the skin and smells invigorating.

We also have a cookbook for sale that can teach you the in’s and out’s of how to use our oils in the most creative ways imaginable. With the cookbook and a large assortment of other goods we offer, OLiV is here to satisfy all your needs for a healthier lifestyle.